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What is Kangen Water™?

Kangen water™ is very simply the medically grade alkaline water that is produced from one of Enagic's line of ionizers.  In a broad sense, Kangen water™ has three amazing properties.  These properties are:

#1.   Anti-Oxidation

All living and non-living matter battle with oxidation.  Aging and rust nails, as an example, are a direct result of oxidation at work.  Oxidation happens because of the Positive (+) Free Radicals in out environment.

To get an idea of what anti-oxidation looks like, take a look at the images below. These are images of two glass containers, one filled to the brim with Kangen Water™ and the other neutral Tap water. Also included are a few nails in each container.

You will notice that the glass container to the right is clouded with rust from the nails. This is oxidation at work and the results would be the same regardless of what type of water was in the container. The image to the left is filled with Kangen water. Notice that the nails have been preserved. By the way, these two containers were first filled about 3 months prior to this picture being taken.

While we are on the topic of aging, check out the image to the right. This is a picture of the CEO of Enagic™ Mr. Hironari Oshiro along with his American Business Advisor. Although, the two men look years apart, typically the mid 40's for Mr. Oshiro and late 60's for his American Business Advisor, they are in fact the same age. They will both be 67 years old this year. 

We believe that the reason Mr. Oshiro looks so well is because he has been drinking Kangen Water for the better part of 17 years.  In light of the fact that this water is an anti-oxident, it can be viewed that this water might possibly be the fountain of youth.

Oxidation can be measured and in the case of liquids, an ORP is used.  ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential.  A positive +ORP value is bad for you and helps accelerate entropy and the aging process while a -ORP value is very good for you and can actually slow down the aging process.  Please remember that (-) Negative in these cases are good for you.

Kangen Water™ typically has an ORP value between -400 to -600. I have seen it personally as high as -800 ORP. The higher the -ORP, the better it is in combating aging and health issues.

Below is a visual chart of ORP (Notice the following bottled waters and beverages with a positive + ORP value). Even the bottled water which we have been lead to believe is good for us is actually not for a number of reasons.

Bottled water has been measured as high as +600 ORP in our personal demonstrations. Notice Kangen Water™ is on the opposite side of the chart even surpassing green tea and orange juice. Kangen Water™ stands alone.

if you haven't all ready done so, stop drinking sodas. Not only are they extremely oxidizing but also highly acidic which is a big contributing factor in sickness and weight gain.

Kangen Water: 10x's the Detoxifying Power of Orange Juice.

#2.  Micro-Clustering
Micro clustering is another great quality of Kangen Water™. When water is run over the solid platinum coated titanium plates, the water is broken down in size from a cluster of 15-20 molecules to around 5-6 molecules resulting in the body being hydrated up to 6 times as much as regular water. Because of its smaller clustered size, this water will penetrate and hydrate areas of the body like never before. Imagine a water that fully hydrates, oxygenates and detoxifies your body all at once.  that is Hydrogen Rich Kangen water (View the picture below).

#3.  Alkalinization

The third major characteristic of this water is Alkalinization. When we were born, our bodies were alkaline by design; however, when we aged our bodies became more acidic for a number of reasons. Our bodies' pH level should be 7.35 for optimal health, which is slightly alkaline.

Acidity is the grim reaper when it comes to our demise and the lack of  good choices plays a significant role in this process.  Thus, the accumulation of acids and toxins in the blood and cells are the major cause of disease in our society.  Leading researchers have found that there is no leading cause of death instead they point to an over accumulation of an acidic environment within our bodies.
Acidity . . . The Father of Disease: 

Alkalinization helps fight our bodies overabundance of acidic waste and flushes it out of our systems thus leading to a more healthy immune system whereby keeping us healthy and hydrated.

On a side note, most bottled water has been tested and been found to be slightly acidic to highly acidic.  I have personally tested well known bottled water that has shown to be 5.0 pH.  Remember that this is 100 times as acidic as neutral ph 7.0.  Kangen water has pH levels of 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5.  pH 9.5 is 500 times as alkaline as neutral 7.0.

So, as you can see, Kangen water™ has three amazing characteristics that can help you restore and maintain optimal pH balance.

*Kange Water Disclaimer Statement

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