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This is Not About Selling But Rather Sharing.

Enagic's Customer Referral Program is an opportunity for those who purchase a machine (either in full or through financing) to offset the cost of a machine by spreading the word about Kangen Water.

This becomes an excellent opportunity for those who would like to get their machine paid for partially, in full or beyond. This is about spreading the word about your results with Kangen water to your friends, family and those you come across on a daily basis.

Simply give the water away to those who are in need who might have some of the acidic conditions as described here.

Kangen waterâ„¢ is not a fad that will go away but rather is an emerging force in the "Health and Wellness Arena."

There are many testimonials from those who's lives have been changed simply because someone else cared enough to offer Kangen water.

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If you have any questions please contact:

Arturo De La Torre
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